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As an artisan,

it is a shame-full thing to

make something that breaks easily.

Rie brings ideas which

artisans like me could never

come up with.

Discovering new potential for traditional techniques
Rie  Morimoto
KUMIKO craft design artist

Married to Takashi after having worked as a dress designer. She has been involved in production at the factory as a fixture artisan's wife, in addition to bringing ideas of new form to traditional techniques.

The indubitable technique to bring the ideas life.
Takashi  Morimoto
KUMIKO fixture artist
National Technique Federation  Maister

Born to the 3rd generation of a KUMIKO fixture company that's been in business for more than 70 years. Childhood memories are of being engrossed in making toys with the chips of wood he would find at the factory. He was apprenticed to the first apprentice of his grandfather, and since then has been active as an artisan carying on the traditional craft of Kagawa KUDE shouji.

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